Always Innovating.
Never Imitating.

Surpassing Excellence

SHOWA Glove is a fully integrated manufacturer of both household and industrial hand protection. We work with the very latest in technological advancements with a focus on creativity and innovation.

A Perfect Balance

Finding a balance between different elements – this is what ‘SHOWA’ means. This principle is much more than just a formula, it is at the heart of the SHOWA approach, one which we control at all stages. Every day at SHOWA Glove, we continue to innovate and meet ever-increasing expectations.

Founding Philosophy

Corporate strength is gained with our respect for harmony, by taking personal responsibility for our actions, and to focus on being the best person we can possibly be within our individual capabilities.

Each member of the SHOWA family must have integrity and the empowerment to build trusting relationships within our company and, equally important, with our customers.


To inspire mutually prosperous connections with our customers.

SHOWA Glove stands for the highest degree of hand protection and innovation.

SHOWA’s technology has forever changed the glove industry, what our hands are capable of, and the impact we make on our environment.

This is achieved by utilizing the latest resources in technology, understanding PPE standards, and assuring customers that SHOWA will not settle for anything less than the highest level of quality hand protection, every time. This foundational belief is one of the major reasons that SHOWA’s products are well-known, respected and worn by millions of people around the world.

They pioneer the quality, performance, and protection to give ordinary hands extraordinary abilities.

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