Research & Development

In 1954, SHOWA Glove developed the world’s first fully-coated PVC glove, which changed the face of hand protection. Since then, each time we develop a new concept, it improves wearer comfort and safety.

“We never copy” – SHOWA Glove is true to this founding principle and has always managed to be different, continually seeking new solutions and pursuing a single goal: your best hand protection. Over 100 researchers, designers, and engineers devote their energy to developing new models in close synergy with production sites and customer needs.

SHOWA’s Research and Development is comprised of three collaborative teams: one focused on materials; another for knitting technologies; and lastly a team that has expertise in hand mould or former design.

One of SHOWA’s many differentiators is their ability to develop a product from the hand mould to the manufacturing line internally. We are masters at designing and shaping a hand mould to achieve very specific designs of hand protection. We maintain a level of uniqueness by using a multitude of different materials in any suitable manufacturing environment.

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