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Air France

The Situation

Air France is the fourth-largest worldwide air transporter, undertaking major activities in these areas:

  • Transportation of passengers
  • Freight transportation
  • Maintenance and engineering
  • Services via Air France Consulting

They have 6,000 employees working for two main divisions in maintenance:

  • Direction Générale Industrielle (industrial maintenance)
  • DEA (planes maintenance)

Working both indoors and outdoors, they are in constant contact with greasy environments and wet surroundings in the course of their duties. Their usual leather working glove, the FC27J Lebon, was not up to par as:

  • The quality was inconsistent
  • It lacked mechanical protection
  • The gloves were tearing
  • Lack of tactility when wet

Air France - The Situation

The Solution

Upon meeting the Air France Purchasing and HSE departments, they were presented with several glove options, among them the SHOWA 376R.

They recognised its many good features:

  • Tear resistance
  • Water and oil resistance
  • ¾ coated
  • Good tactility

Discover SHOWA 376R

The Outcome

After undergoing testing at the hands of several Air France divisions, they agreed that SHOWA gloves brought more comfort to their employees in their everyday tasks.

No matter what duties they were undertaking, be it performing routine maintenance or conducting research on technical and economic plans, they know their hands are protected the right way with SHOWA 376R gloves.

In 2019, work proceeded on SHOWA’s 406 and 546 gloves as alternatives to the Temp’Ice and Krytech 557R.

Air France - The Outcome

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